When facing the daunting question of whether to confront or sue your employer, there is much to consider. As well, many thoughts go through one’s mind. One thing is for sure, you want a law firm that is strong, skilled, and capable of aggressively protecting your interests.

It is difficult to imagine another employment lawyer firm with a comparable record both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. With an in house investigation staff, the firm is unmatched in the ability to obtain the most relevant and important information in any case. GS routinely tries cases to verdict – having won numerous verdicts and litigated high-profile cases. GS Partners BG and DS have appeared appeared on many tv shows including Fox News, CNN, and GMA, and local news networks around the country and world. GS has consistently been at the forefront of some of the most widely publicized cases that have made headline news.

GS is known for taking on some of the most powerful people in the business and political worlds. Some matters include fighting NYC, UBER, NYC Govt, Wal Mart, TWC, and many others. The goal is singular, victory for our clients whether it be in court or negotiating a settlement. The GS record is unmatched in this regard and the firm’s skills and relentless litigation style bring clients an opportunity to stand tall, even against the largest corporate or government adversaries.