If you’ve faced discrimination in the workplace, we’ve got your back.



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Everybody has the right to feel safe and respected at their place of work. Our team of litigators at GerstmanSchwartz stands at the ready to pursue justice on behalf of any person discriminated against, harassed, or treated unfairly by their employer. We are disrupting the world of employment law with our take-no-prisoners approach in righting the wrongs of corporate or business interests, and delivering justice for our clients.

No matter how you have been wronged, we understand that taking on your employer takes courage, grit and determination. Star litigator, David Schwartz is an aggressive and passionate attorney, who is unafraid to challenge corporate machines. He is supported by a team of researchers and advocates who are unapologetic in their determination to win on your behalf, and achieve a fair result for you and your family.

"We will not be bullied, we will not back down, and we will not stop until our client feels that justice has been served. We appreciate the strength it takes to be the underdog – and we will fight hard for you."

-David Schwartz

WHY CHOOSE GerstmanSchwartz

  • Litigation is our strong suit – but it’s not the only tool at our disposal. The goal is singular, victory for our clients whether it be in court or negotiating a settlement.
  • Our in-house investigation staff gives our firm the ability to obtain the most relevant and important information in any case.
  • Corporations would rather settle a case then face the wrath of the court of public opinion. If negotiations don’t progress, we can discuss how to leverage your story to make a bigger impact.
  • Knowledge: Not only do we handle many employment claims and lawsuits, our partner Peter Rivera actually served as the NYS commissioner of Labor. No one knows more than GerstmanSchwartz when it comes to matters like these.
  • We cannot be intimidated. GerstmanSchwartz is known for taking on some of the most powerful people in the business and political worlds. Past matters include fighting NYC, UBER, NYC Govt., Big Box Retail Store, Time Warner Cable, and many others.
  • We are not afraid of going to trial like so many other lawyers. We have more trial experience than 99% of the attorneys in New York. When choosing employment counsel it is crucial that you choose an experienced trial lawyer that you trust to get the best possible result.
  • Record of Success: GerstmanSchwartz has a strong record and the firm’s skills and relentless litigation style bring clients an opportunity to stand tall, even against the largest corporate or government adversaries.

We cannot be intimidated.

"We built this firm to take on the most difficult matters against the toughest opponents."

-Brad Gerstman

“If you’ve faced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, we’ve got your back.”

-Former Commissioner of the New York State Dept of Labor, Peter Rivera Joins Growing Practice

The team at GerstmanSchwartz shares a philosophy of aggressive and passionate advocacy, and we are proud to work with clients who demand their rights and hold corporate interests accountable.

"I was scared to fight my employer. I knew it would be an uphill battle, and I wasn’t sure I could win against an organization with their resources. But GerstmanSchwartz gave me courage, confidence and they delivered on every promise."

-Ashley, a recent client and victim of sexual harassment


“Mr. Gerstman helped me double my severance pay and extend my health insurance. I cannot thank him and GerstmanSchwartz enough.”

-Lenny B.